Tuesday, December 2, 2008

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living on the good graces of my friends. charmed aimlessness is charming right?
Riding my bike along the brooklyn promenade everyone is an island in the dark coupling. I am the landlord of the skyline. happy to be free. why am I a hippie? forgive me ye cynical gods of new york.

david foster wallace R.I.P. i think i'm getting allergic to penises and the people that grow out of them R.I.P. DOLEMITE not recession-proofing the universe. my poor city, she trembles under the weight cast on her shoulders. i bear witness, small and helpless. 1:44 AM Dec 2nd
heating up a spinach knish after a hard day of painting technicolor pussies can't believe how many texan death row inmates request PB&J's for their last meals. they're okay, not great.
debate was a total snooze fest. and i even made a special debate lasagne which was totally fucking delicious
swedish meatballs and lingonberry jamz...MMmm..i might hit up my neighborhood ikea for thxgvg dinner has anyone ever had chicken and waffles and lived to tell about it? from web
@gweezy how would i know that? i'll believe it when I see you in front of a waffle iron and a chicken friolator. seduce me.. just had dinner:a bowl of popcorn and doritos, 3 bud light limes. fiesta!! oh geez reading about mccain's mysterious health issues has made me lose, yes, even my insatiable need for doritos http://snipurl.com/4ipu0 parents and i just voted in queens and rewarded ourselves with gut busting breakfast.
@chopchomp WHHHHHAT is that??? tell me you ate it! my god has three names: Robert Downey Junior.
some people unexpectedly have some exceptional marijuana. and i love surprises. thank you.
insaneo desublimation from last night's party. any openbar obamathons on today? or is it me and a bottle of jack?

wish i had some ambien and fewer than 4 coffees today You oughta know is the best song ever written. Nuff said.
Lil Wayne!!!
i really really wished I hadn't watched Old Boy.
No endz, no skinz http://snipurl.com/4gb1d joan didion.. her sentences sound like waves breaking, just as powerful stay positive on the speakers and on the mind.

http://vimeo.com/1196726 awesome. mountain goats. godard. sexy french girls http://snipurl.com/4r5cm BUILT TO SPILL covers Paper Planes. Like a drunk handjob from a stranger or something else cringe-inducing. does anyone besides me listen to podcasts or is that very iTunes 1.0?

Fuck of course this asshole has some asian whore girlfriend: http://snipurl.com/70w75 being vetted is the most unsexy thing ever. always keep that shit under wraps.

bachelorette party for my one republican banker friend tonight. no strippers no drugs no men it's gonna be a loooong night. @ryanapetersen LIVE FREE OR DIE HARD is Amazing you creep. Who doesn't love the MAC guy. and "your dead asian hooker girlfriend"

i think i'm getting allergic to penises and the people that grow out of them
4success with an Asian woman, an AfricanAmerican needs no additional income;a white man needs$24K less than average http://snipurl.com/4jxt7 I have AMAZING taste in men. my pinata costume was awesome! especially when i let you beat me with a stick and chucked candy in your face
i just got my final birthday present only a month late. and it's hilarious. http://snipurl.com/5mzxd also waterproof!! cuz you know this is exactly what you'd need, say, when snorkeling in belize.