Friday, November 9, 2007


Child, look close. Look at how her eyes dart from side to side as she walks through the market as though she is being followed. It is not the look of fear child. Make no mistake that is the licentious grasping gaze of the Antisemite.

If she holds yout gaze for too long you will fall prey to the lascivious trap her kind doth carry close like a hunter with his musket or a sailor with his scrimshaw. You will note how her bosom doth swing with pendulous regularity. Nay that is not like the pendulum in the clocks of grandmother's house, that is the debased metronome that mesmerizes the low instincts of her male kin and too many of our innocent young men. It bastardizes time with intemperance, leaving only the empty promise of amatory consummation in its wake.

Yess... Yess I can see she is pregnant--it is quite obvious to all--but is it quite so obvious what she is not showing? Her fine maternal glow does not betray her revolting secret. Our scientists have shown that during gestation the female Antisemite drops the fetus in a pouch in a special labial cavity formed by a droop ih her birthing apparratus. For four lunar weeks her offspring lay in this sac--a greedy monkey in its hammock--mouthj agape, lapping up the elixirs of lust that ooze from the gland found only in her kind that so many of our young men fall victim to. THe baby, if anything so tainted by birth can even be grated that name, will wail not for want of milk but for its narcotic, that vile honey its--and I'm sorry if I spit when I say this--mother secretes. Bisexuality and her siamese twin Sexuality are the flighty godmothers to all the young born to these people; for they are born orphans. As one and all know, a motherless child is like a soleless shoe; a cosmetic cover for infection and vermin that fester at its very base--at its very soul--hah!

Her eyes are set further apart in her visage to confound the eyes and make us perceive honesty and goodness wheree there is only hateful dissembling and malice. The epicanthis folds beckon recognition from our members like the desperate flyer of a proselytizer; unlike our faithful brethren these indelicate flaps are quite effectual. Her eyes seem beautiful as we follow mesmerized into the depraved lairs she reserves for the fatal encounter. She will offer wines and spirits to diminish our fear but this is to be the last act of unction. She will be merciless in our demise. In her passionate throes she clenches our daggers tight in a manner her father instructed her in (you blush but it is true) this erstwhile fair creature turns mureous monstr, and removes to discharge our weapons in our own faces.

And yet.. and yet their godless feral lust ends not with the consummation of flesh. They use their demonic prowess to garner opppostunites for advancement in our society. Our best cosmetic surgeons, entertainment lawyers, sporting agents, and yes even repectably agina businessmen provide only the steadiest supply of open vessels for their tricks. She will manipulate greed and envy as a sherpa with a finely honed staff. Expertly clinbing the highest reches of Mt. Success which is truly a tower built on the backs of the once willing but now lifeless backs of our men. After frolicking in public houses many a man finds himself parted from his fortune and in her vise-like grip. She will met you down part by part from your belt to the gelt in your teeth. Like a grinning mohel you will see her above you tantalizing you with your dismembered part in her clow. Her eyes will nbot seem beautiful then as she eyes you like the carrion you are. Then she will reinstate your body devoid of its soul and wealth, as her ventriloquist's dummy, to give her fraud a respectable face and to hide her true nature. Like the bloody merkin she is, she will in this guise, infiltrate the company of your peers with the same ruse until all of her society is lowered to her putrid and ignominious state. Then and only then will she be done with you. Look away child, look away before it is too late.